I believe most of us, like me,  deal with Lemons in our lives. Some of those Lemons are thrown at me (I try to dodge them but I’m just not fast enough), some roll into my life (I try to hop over them but usually end up landing on them) and some Lemons are handed to me (Run! Don’t take that Lemon!).  Whatever I try to do, I end up with those Lemons. The worst part of those Lemons is that I do not like Lemons!

I can moan and groan, cry, ignore or even try to toss those Lemons back from where they came from but it’s no use. I am stuck with those Lemons. What can I do other than make Lemonade?

Come along and watch me take those Lemons in Life, squeeze them until they are dry, pour the juice over a tall glass of ice, add a little sugar and enjoy a refreshing glass of Lemonade.